Young Queer & Skint – Coming soon!

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Our identities are all intersected – it’s what makes us political, fascinating and quite often – oppressed.

For this mini-festival in March, we are examining the point where some of these identities meet.

What does it mean to be Young, Queer & Skint in 2017?

Our new project, supported by Arts Council England, will see the Marlborough Theatre running a series of mini-festivals across the year responding to issues relevant to the people who walk through our door. We launch by probing some of these identities with three days of performance and events featuring Scottee, Sh!t Theatre, Katy Baird, Selina Thompson and Bryony Kimmings.

The events have been programmed and commissioned by the theatre team, and we all have personal experience of occupying the middle of that Venn diagram. We want our work to relate to us and our audiences, and we are excited to share this programme of theatre by some of our very favourite performers.

Over three days, we’ll talk crappy service jobs, gentrification and value ready meals. We’ll tell you about our own experiences and we’ll invite you to share yours. You can join in by sharing your Friday night with Scottee and guests Selina Thompson and Bryony Kimmings, as they discuss growing up on council estates, working class identity and learning how to be posh in an art world dominated by the middle classes. They may even share the crispy pancakes with you.

You can also contribute with our friends at Dialogue Theatre Club, who will be hosting a post-show discussion for people who hate post-show discussions after Katy Baird’s show, Workshy on Thurs 16th March. It works more like a book group: the people who made the show aren’t present, so you can talk freely about what you thought of it and hear how other people responded, without needing to think of the ‘right’ questions to get the artists explaining their work.

Saturday night sees the welcome return of Sh!t Theatre, with their highly acclaimed show Letters to Windsor House. Following a run at Soho Theatre, the pair will be sharing tales of dodgy landlords, detective work and property magnates.

Tickets are cheap, starting at £6 a show. We are trialling a Pay What You Can scheme – we ask for a minimum of £6 per ticket but if you can and would like to pay more, then please do! The Marlborough Theatre is a not for profit organisation, supporting emerging artists and establishing Brighton as a hub of cutting-edge theatre from our 221-year-old home. You can also support us by becoming a Marly Mate.

You can buy a festival pass to all events for £15 by clicking here.

16th – 18th March 2017

Marlborough Theatre

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