Trans and Non-Binary Life Drawing Model Call out

We are looking for trans and non-binary people who are interested in life modelling for a trans and non-binary only event as part of Trans Pride Brighton.

Life modelling can be a liberating, confidence-boosting & meditative experience for the model, being an integral part of the artmaking process, and an inspiring experience for those drawing them.

Although life models are generally naked, models for this event are absolutely permitted to wear anything that would make them the most comfortable- model comfort, safety and exploration is our highest priority!

We encourage those who have never modelled and would like the space to experiment with themselves & the artists, as well as more experienced models.

The event will be open to any trans & non-binary identified people regardless of previous drawing experience and we will work together create a supportive, explorative, healing and positive environment for both models and those drawing them.

If you are interested, have any questions or would like to discuss this please contact the event organizer Jared Cooper Cobain (

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