This weeks artist in residence: Xavier de Sousa

Today we welcome Xavier de Sousa to the theatre. Xav is a producer and artist, and a dear friend of us at The Marlborough. He will be developing his new show Saudade, an exploration of nationality and identity. Here’s some more from Xavier:

‘Saudade (/sawˈðaðe/) is a unique Portuguese word signifying a constant wishful longing for completeness or wholeness and the yearning for the return of that now gone, a desire for presence as opposed to absence. Saudade is a solo performance investigating notions of ‘nationality’, ‘identity’ and the current migration crisis in Europe. It proposes to create an intimate space for dialogue, sharing of experiences and the exploration of what it means to be a migrant.

I have been thinking a lot about what makes you ‘national’, outside of the usual paper work. What makes you identify with a country, its culture and its people. When I think of migration, the first thing I think of is of labour. The majority of migration happens due to a need to work and supply yourself and your family with a living. Or career opportunities (like me). And most migrants are hugely beneficial for local culture and labour. However, we are seen with contempt and in some ways, fear. 

For my residency at the Marlborough Theatre, I will be mainly investigating the notion of ‘Post-nationalism’. In which an individual, or a group of individuals do not identify as being from a particular national identity.’

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