Rachel Young

NIGHTCLUBBING – Rachael Young and her badass band of super-humans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in NIGHTCLUBBING – an explosive performance bringing visceral live music and intergalactic visions to start a revolution.  

Rachael Young (she/her) is an award-winning artist whose interdisciplinary performances traverse the boundaries between live art, dance, contemporary theatre and socially engaged practice. Her work creates spaces for intersectional realities to be explored and celebrated and for alternative narratives and forms to evolve and be heard.

Rachael’s most recent shows OUT and NIGHTCLUBBING have received critical acclaim; with OUT winning the 2017 South East Dance ‘A Space to Dance’ Brighton Fringe Award and gaining a nomination for the ‘Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Rachael is currently touring these works nationally and internationally.

Website: www.rachaelyoung.net
Twitter: @Rachaelraymck
Facebook: @RachaelYoungArtist
Instagram: @rachaelraymck

Hester Chillingworth

Shorty – A deconstructed drag-child, who frays at the edges and plays at the edges. This solo show looks at the position of the non-binary child and the relationship with the mind when the body is under attack. It champions the not-quite, the slight and the awkward – it’s about the importance of messing around in the grey areas.

Hester Chillingworth (they/them) makes work which often plays with language, simplicity, interpretation and some things to do with childhood, including confusion, mischief and shame.  Hester’s work has been commissioned by CUT Festival, Chisenhale Dance Space/Marlborough Theatre, Cambridge Junction, Firstsite Gallery (Colchester) and Rogues Galleries (Chester).  Hester is Creative Producer (Participation) for Forced Entertainment, running their young company Art Breakers. They’re also currently Thinker-in-Residence on Live Art, Young People and Gender at the Live Art Development Agency, London. Hester is the Artistic Director of GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN performance company and recent freelance collaborations include projects with Marc Almond, Mark Ravenhill, Elmgreen & Dragset, Eva Weinmayr and drag performance legend Bette Bourne.

Stacy Makishi

Bonsai Bites – Small, but perfectly (per)formed pieces with teeth. Stacy serves a post-apocalyptic cryptic cocktail – part surreal poem, part polymorphic perverse cabaret. Think Twin Peaks meets Gardener’s World.

Stacy Makishi (she/her) is a transplant from Hawaii. She has been making humorous and multi-referential art for over 30 years. A cross-fertilization of theatre, comedy, film and visual art, her work is as complex as it is accessible, humorous as it is challenging, visual as it is literate. Stacy’s work has been presented at Southbank Centre for Yoko Ono’s Meltdown, In Between Time in Bristol, the Traverse, Edinburgh and BRUT: Vienna. Stacy has been awarded an ICA Attached Artist Award, a Millennium Fellowship Award, a Live Art Development Agency One to One Bursary and the Franklin Furnace Award. Her work is produced by Artsadmin.


He’s Dead – An assemblage of choreographic images and tableaus studying the creation of Black futurity using contemporary and historic cultural references. Marikiscrycrycry utilises powerful choreographic skills to address melancholia, beginning with the question “Was Tupac depressed?”

Marikiscrycrycry AKA Malik Nashad Sharpe (they/them) is a choreographer and dancer. Currently artist-in-residence at Tate Britain/Tate Modern, Malik is also the recipient of an Artsadmin Bursary and has recently worked with the English National Opera and Gate Theatre. Other work includes performances and commissions at Frieze art fair, Fierce Festival and the Marlborough Theatre to name just a few. Marikiscrycrycry’s work excavates multiple themes of Blackness and Queerness.

Website: www.maliknashadsharpe.com
Instagram: @marikiscrycrycry

Ophelia Blitz

Your host is neo-cabaret performance artist and singer Ophelia Bitz (she/her), who toured internationally for 11 years as one of the UK’s most popular comperes, collaborating with Derren Brown, The Tigerlillies, Tim Burton, popstar Mika as well as appearing on Women’s Hour, Rolling Stone and The Culture Show.

Her own award-winning work, ArtWank! was founded at the Marlborough Theatre in 2010 and went on to a sold-out Edinburgh Fringe run in 2012 and it’s own radio series.  

Ophelia now produces (as her alter ego Alice Holland) The Sisterhood at Glastonbury festival, is part of Creative Producers International and is currently writing a new show, Daddy Issues: or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and F*ck The Patriarchy.

Sea Sharp

TAKE THIS OFF MY HANDS, BROTHER INSECT – Ever feel like a loner or a weirdo? A misfit or a punk? A whippersnapper or a pipsqueak?  Take This Off My Hands, Brother Insect offers an unorthodox glimpse into what it means to be an outsider carrying the weight of otherization.

Award winning poet, Sea Sharp (they/them), spins a web of personal with political, of strange with foreign, of playful with dangerous. From the perspective of an exasperated insect desperate to thrive, this 15 minute performance, tangles together elements of surrealism, fantasy, and black magic.  You will leave this show highly aware of the buzzing voices normally softened by your own privilege, pleading for you to take some of the burden off your own comrade’s hands.

Sea Sharp is a 2017 Pushcart Prize winner and author of the 2015 Prairie Seed Poetry Prize winning book, “The Swagger of Dorothy Gale and Other Filthy Ways to Strut”. They are passionate about veganism, afrocentric feminism, and other social movements that actively work towards empowering marginalised people, whilst dismantling oppression. Their work has been presented at events sponsored by Apples and Snakes, Hammer and Tongue, Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe, Pighog Poetry, Bradford Literature Festival, Polari and the Marlborough Theatre.

Website:  www.seathepoet.com
Twitter: @SeaThePoet
Instagram: @SeaThePoet
Facebook: @SeaThePoet

Oozing Gloop

An Excerpt/teaser from THE GLOOPSHOW Episode 4 by Oozing Gloop will be performed at the Blackpool date only on 13th October

Oozing Gloop! THE Apocalyptic Green Post-Drag Autistic Queen! Takes you on a psychomagical trip from the universal A E I O U through to the particular 3 3 3 2 2 (and back again). On route we ramble through a dreamscape of handmade patchwork veils, gigantic vowels, masks, wigs and lashes. As we spiral through the subconscious our guiding green vagabond wielding a 7ft Mascara wand assures us that squares make squares, triangles make triangles and doing things… does stuff. To the accompaniment of Britney Spears and Bette Davis THE GLOOP SHOW restitches the fabric of our reality and charts sublime new political territories. This is your survival guide for the 21st century!

Oozing Gloop arrived in performance art after failing a politics degree at the Queen Mary University of London. He/she/they/thee knocked Brighton Fringe’s socks off this year with the GloopShow episode 2 and came back with the Marlborough Development Award. Darling of Glastonbury, Dame of the NYC down low, LADA, Arnolfini Ab Fab, Berlin Babe and East London Extraordinaire seasoned and salty there isn’t a stage she’s not stepped on worth remembering! (Fortunately people don’t)

Utterly fab and full of zest Oozing Gloop is recently back from their 400-mile transvestite pilgrimage “THE AWESOME JOURNEY“ from the place of birth (Yorkshire) to the end of the UK. Unresolved issues from her seminal piece “THE AWFUL JOURNEY” inspired this; A one hundred mile journey from Norwich to London, in drag.

Website: http://oozinggloop.tumblr.com

Photograph by Manuel Vason


So….Who’s the guy? by Bellez will be performed at the Blackpool date only on 13th October

’So….Who’s the guy?‘ explores the perceptions, reactions and assumptions of a conversational society.

Picking apart the common misconceptions and stereotypes of lesbian relationships, this piece is inspired by the burning questions on everyone’s lips; Who? What? Where? When? And How?

‘Bellez’ are a married couple who have worked together artistically as movement visionaries for over 6 years creating work for Theatre and Festivals and touring nationally with their young company ‘House of Wingz’. They create a narrative through movement, inspired by original and real-life stories and pick apart subtexts, supporting characters, untold tales and hidden messages, subsequently making new work out of old.

“We very rarely get to tell anyone we are married to each other- people tend to assume we are straight, and just colleagues! When it does come up in conversation though, it’s a direct train to questionville”

Bellez want to explore this curiosity. “Lesbianism has been around since the dawn of time, yet people are still calling it ‘progressive’. The piece is cheeky, just like the questions, as a married couple and as Lesbian women, are faced with.”

Reid Dudley Peirson

Reid Dudley Peirson (they/them) and associated militant queers present BODIED: A punk performance
dragged out of our struggle against the material totality of Neoliberal Capitalism.




Subira, in Swahili, means patience. Something Subira Wahogo (they/them) is quickly running out of.  Join them for spoken word poetry about being queer, black and angry. Weaving together the personal and political, through experiences and imaginations, spoken with rage, softness, and laughter. Witness patience at its end, queerness in its multitudes and blackness at its fullness. If you like poetry about yelling at racists and having lots of feelings, come through!

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