My first year at the Marly: Ema Boswood – Programme Coordinator

Photograph by Rosie Powell Freelance featuring the Marly Team (Abby, David, Tarik & Ema) as well as artists Scottee & Bryony Kimmings. 

My first year at the Marlborough has been totally amazing. From my first day with the hands-on job of assembling desks in our new office, to present day where I have played a part in bringing some of the most exciting performances to Brighton – this job has been life changing.

Through working at the Marlborough I’ve met so many brilliant artists and seen some totally incredible work.
 One of the highlights from this past year has been working with legendary performance artist Cassils on their performance Becoming an Image. This was a show that I studied on numerous occasions during my Drama degree and so I was completely blown away to see it performed in Brighton, especially knowing that I had played a part in organising it. My job can definitely take many forms, some days I’m working on a spreadsheet and others I’m helping one of my favourite artists to build a 200 pound clay sculpture that they will then go on to destroy the next day. It definitely never gets boring.

A great aspect to working at the Marlborough is that you get to go & see new work being made across the UK at different performance festivals. Festivals I’ve attended since working here include SPILL (Ipswitch), Buzzcut (Glasgow), In Between Time (Bristol) and Edinburgh Fringe (Edinburgh obv). It’s my job to watch performances and feed back to the team, which has resulted in some of the shows I have suggested being programmed at our venue – proving that my opinion is super valued and appreciated.

Another great thing about my job is the team I work with are just the absolute best team of babes ever: Abby, David & Tarik. They are super dedicated to bringing the most exciting LGBTQ work to Brighton and supporting artists who are making innovative and diverse performance. They work incredibly hard and have been totally supportive of my first year working here (they even let me set up ‘Joke of the Month’ which has definitely changed our office lives).

That being said, working here is not without its challenges. Sometimes David plays the soundtrack to Chorus Line in the office. The Arts is not an easy industry to work in, what with funding cuts and increasing pressures placed on small organisations such as The Marly. It’s definitely taught me to be resilient in dealing with the challenges that we face, so I would recommend anyone looking to work in this sector to be prepared for the inevitable stressful times and disappointments, but hopefully these would be outweighed by the positives of working in an industry that you love and care about.

Overall: The Marly is a brilliant place to work for someone looking to take their first step into a career working in Theatre, Performance Art & Live Art. You’ll meet incredible people, be inspired by important work, learn a lot about all aspects of running a performance venue and become an integral part of our lovely Marly family.

Think this sounds like your cup of tea? We’re looking for a new person to join our team in the role of Programme Assistant. Click here for all information about applying. Deadline: 1st December 2017.

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