Jak Soroka spends a week at The Marlborough

This week we welcome Glasgow based artist Jak Soroka, who will be spending a week working on a new project in the theatre. Here’s a little more about what they’ll be up to…

DSCF8100Feeling Backwards

An exploration into sites of resistance, queerness and history

My interest in investigating the effects of (my) queer presence on sites of queer history started during a trip to San Francisco. I began reading Heather Love’s ‘Feeling Backwards’. Weekly, I made trips to places that I felt emotionally connected to and decided to explore that connection at the site. These were not places in the tourist guides but places like radical performance space 848 and the site of the Compton Cafeteria riots. These were unofficial.

Whilst the LGBT small museum archives or walking tours are increasing, a large amount of queer history goes untold and acknowledged.

Intolerance has erased our histories.

This denial of our past, threatens our existence in the present.

For me there is importance not just in looking backwards, but feeling backwards. I want a felt way to document queer history and make a mark, outside of academia and institutions that were built to fail us.

How can this exploration of site make queer histories more visible?

How does one feel backwards?

It is in attempting to physically engage with queer moments of resistance past that this site sensitive work will arise. A walk into ways of remembering, which will be about offering an audience space to mourn, respect and salute.

Remembering and hopefully reclaiming these lesser-known sites.

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