On Independence Day, by sheer beautifully-timed coincidence, The Marlborough Theatre ran an event called INDEPENDENT. The 2 day meet up gathered a gaggle of Live Art organisations, all of whom are part of Live Art UK – a national network, supporting and developing the Live Art infrastructure for the benefit of artists, presenters and audiences.



The organisations invited all had one thing in common – none of us are National Portfolio Organisations, i.e. we don’t receive regular funding from the Arts Council i.e. we spend a hell of a lot of time raising money for our projects i.e. we are often underfunded, underpaid and under-resourced.

However, we are also amazingly flexible, impulsive, responsive and driven exclusively by our own desires and dreams.

We spent these days chatting around a table (a bit) going on some walks around Stanmer park, eating vegetarian Indian food and trying to find a pub with karaoke in on a Wednesday night.




We welcomed 7 organisations to the beautiful Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts – Wunderbar, Live Art Bistro, Compass Festival, Forest Fringe, Steakhouse Live, Buzzcut and ]performance s p a c e [.

Topics of conversation included the cycle of burnout, rejections of structure, how we can archive our work and self care.



Our findings will be fed into a Toolkit created for the independent end of the Live Art Sector, and distributed online next year.

Thanks to our partners who took the time out to join us and the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts for hosting.



Photos by Rosie Powell Freelance

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