#FutureFestival First Look: A Gay and a Non Gay

Self produced by Dan Hudson, James Barr and Talia Kraines. Since then, A Gay and a NonGay has aimed to break down taboos and talk about the real struggles of a 20-30 something in 2018 life. It regularly lands at #1 in the Sexuality chart on both UK and US iTunes and last year sold out 3 live shows including a performance at the London Podcast Festival and is now ready to land at England’s largest arts and comedy festival.

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Can you tell us a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

Gay and straight worlds come together as we bring our unlikely friendship to Brighton Fringe! We’ll explore the ‘admin’ behind gay sex, Dan will continue to promote his campaign for metal music fans to be recognised as a minority. Plus there’ll be questions from the audience and a good chinwag about LGBT issues in what Time Out call “a warm, funny take on love friendship and sex”.

Why did you decide to perform your show at the Brighton Fringe?

As a Sussex boy, I grew up gay in Brighton! It was always my dream for us to bring our podcast to the city that helped me find myself.

Who would enjoy seeing your show?

Gays, nongays and everyone in between!

What makes your show different?

I think we offer a really interesting view point on LGBTQ+ culture by being both inside and outside of it.

What has been the best advice you have been given?

After a very honest cry on our recent episode, a listener tweeted me to say that it was very brave for me to be so real on our podcast, as it was helping people- but that I should consider taking a break if I needed it. I won’t take a break, but I have decided to book a head massage.

What show, apart from yours, would you recommend at the Brighton Fringe and why?

We’re really excited to see Juno Dawson’s Lovely Trans Literary Salon! We recently put out a special extended episode with Juno and she’s one of the most eloquent people I’ve ever had the chance to interview- plus she’s extremely funny and talented too!

What do you think audiences will enjoy the most about your show?

My phone number flashing up on the big screen. Call me.

What does your work aim to address?

We really want to make a difference to both Gays and NonGays lives. We’ve set out to talk about difficult topics, and start conversations no one is having- all whilst proving that there should be zero divide between people that identify as Queer or CIS. All whilst having fun and sometimes being a little bit gross.

Why did you choose to perform at The Marlborough?

I couldn’t think of a more iconic, perfect venue to bring our show to and we can’t wait!

What else are you excited about getting up to in Brighton?

CHIPS… and a dance on the pier. Probably at the same time.

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