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Various Artists presents

Trans Pride Art Night

  • Thursday 21 July 7pm

The Marlborough Theatre


A showcase of micro-commissions, promoting the trans community’s wealth of creative talent, presented by Pink Fringe and Trans Pride, supported by Arts Council England.

A £5 ticket grants entry to all of the evening’s events, including 2 performances in the Marlborough Theatre, and a playful workshop in the Marlborough Pub between shows.

Elijah W Harris
I have one friend from uni who would always accidentally touch my chest, as though I were a boy, as though I wasnt a girl, as though I didn’t have boobs, as though I was binding my breasts. Beneath the surface of my laughter were the first sparks of what would become a bonfire, a rapidly spreading forest fire, a burning world of molten rock.

BRAND NEW BOY sees Elijah W Harris processing the personal and social politics of transitioning and his recent surgery.

Interchangeable Bodies
Louisa Claughton

You’re invited to come and play for a while, to retrace our steps and try to work out how we got here. Is it as simple as pink and blue? And if it isn’t then where did that come from? This piece isn’t about finding the answers. It’s about exploring what we personally think the answers could be. Exploration with curiosity, openness and playfulness.

Hayley and Me
Kate O’Donnell

Hayley Cropper appeared in our living room three times a week. Although well-loved she was slightly over looked. Bringing Hayley back into the limelight, this cabaret explores Hayley’s Coronation Street storylines and how they relate to Kate’s own journey. Taking a nostalgic look back at this piece of trans history, expect a splash of music from the era, visuals, interaction and a very iconic anorak.

N.B. Free PA/Carer tickets are available for those who require one – please contact
abby [at] to book.

Unfortunately, our theatre space can only be reached by a narrow staircase and therefore is not accessible. If you have access requirements but would like a free place on the workshop, which takes place downstairs in the pub, please email abby [at]

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