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Timberlina presents

Timberlina’s Beard Meltdown

  • Thursday 11 February 8:00pm

The Marlborough Theatre

60 mins

£8.5/£6.5 concessions

Delve into the conscience of London’s own glamorous bearded drag queen for an unusual and hilarious musical show of alt-drag, anarcho folk-rock proportions and joyous eco-woe.

‘See Timberlina now! She eludes description and electrolysis’ Dina Martina

Dazed by humanity’s constant consumption? Bedazzled by too much choice?
Let Timberlina be the high quality low energy lightbulb at the end of your tunnel of environmental despair.

Part social critique, part rally cry for the compassionate, join Timberlina on a quest for subsistence, shared sustainable anthems and handy eco-household tips.

Worried about your carbon footprint, about fatbergs taking over our drains while straight white middle class males decide our fate with no remorse? Suffer no more and a have a song to sing about it.

For anyone with a lingering case of unrelenting eco-anxiety- console yourself! You’re not alone. Join Timberlina’s Beard Meltdown!

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