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Pink Fringe and Brighton Dome presents

The Safety Map

  • Wednesday 3 August 12pm - 5pm
  • Thursday 4 August 12pm - 5pm
  • Friday 5 August 4pm - 9.15pm
  • Sunday 7 August 12pm - 3pm

Founders Room, Brighton Dome

A quilted map of Brighton will occupy the Founders Room in Brighton Dome as we approach the biggest weekend of the year for the LGBTQ community. You are invited to contribute your experiences of our city.

Where do you feel safe? Where do you feel at risk? Are there places in our city that have forgotten their LGBTQ history? Let’s talk, reflect, remember and make change.

Illuminating the high levels of unreported hate crime faced by LGBTQ people in Brighton & Hove, The Safety Map seeks to offer support and resources for those who are affected.

This marks the second presentation of The Safety Map, following its installation in the Marlborough Theatre in March 2016. It will be facilitated by Kate Shields – a multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Brighton and studying Fine Art.

‘The test of queer theory activism, the test of trans theory activism is surely to make it easier to breathe, easier to walk down the street without harassment, easier to find a livable life, a life you can affirm with pleasure and joy, where our sense of a livable future is stronger than our sense of suffering.’ Judith Butler

Safety Blankets – Emma Frankland
Sun 7 Aug, workshop from 12pm  

A free community workshop open to all who identify as LGBTQ+, responding to the key themes of The Safety Map.

Emma is an award winning theatre maker and performer. In recent years her work has been focused on issues around gender and identity (relating to her own transition as a trans woman) and politically motivated performances.

Funded by the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. Thanks to Rosana Cade for her work on the project. 

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