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The Other Betty Davis Disco

  • Friday 25 November 21.00
  • Tuesday 30 November

The Marlborough Pub

The Other Betty Davis Disco!
Celebrating the original, the fiercest and the funkiest Nasty Gal. Come in your I.Miller shoes twitching your turquoise chain and get down. This is it! We’ll be playing songs from the albums, her musical collaborators and imitators. But don’t you call her no tramp. Free entry.
For the uninitiated Betty was Miles Davis’ wife…for one year. She introduced him to Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, Marc Bolan. She’s the Bitch in “Bitches Brew”. She changed his game. But the game is run by men. They take all the credit and all the column inches in history.
Despite the 3 studio albums released during her active career “Betty Davis” (1973), “They Say I’m Different” (1974), and “Nasty Gal” (1975), this pioneer of fierce female sexuality is almost entirely absent from the popular culture’s collective memory. But more importantly, beyond the image and the attitude, her albums contain some of the filthiest funk grooves ever laid down. And her lyrics push places other artists would only dare to probe many years later.
Musician, model, some-time Londoner, this beautiful and solitary tiger of independence ended her own music career in 1979 and disappear into the suburban jungle of Pennsylvania to raise a family. Names like Herbie Hancock, The Pointer Sisters, Larry Graham continue to ring loudly. Yet in front of them all stood Betty. Aloof, vulnerable and proud. It’s time to ring this mother fucking belle and ring it very, very loud.

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