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Trick Of The Light presents

The Life We Lived by Matt Fox

  • Friday 18 March 7:30pm

The Marlborough Theatre

2 hours 00 mins

£10/£8 concessions

Is all life wasted in the end?

The Life We Lived follows the relationship between a funeral director and the woman who will eventually become a corpse in his parlour. An old fashioned love story in many ways, but with strong helping of gallows humour. Michael & Hannah find themselves thrown together, and live out a life of joy and tragedy, which will speak to the romantic and cynic in all of us.
The Life We Lived examines life & death, love & hate, potential & disappointment, through gripping story which is both real and imagined. The gift that life brings, as well as the certainty that this gift will be wasted are the crux of a piece which juggles morbid humour and gut wrenching poignancy.

[;Matt Fox]; is skilled at composing witty dialogue and has the ability to examine difficult social issues with humour and compassion.”” – Jo Gardner – BBC Talent

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