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The Iron Boot Scrapers presents

The Iron Boot Scrapers Present – Dr Jekyll & Ms Hyde bridal wingding

  • Friday 18 September 8:00pm

The Marlborough Theatre

2 hours 00 mins


The light and dark of IBS. Firstly IBS host a warped bridal party playing rock/pop covers. In second half they’ll be performing original compositions from their album ‘Costermonger’.

Since IBS emerged from streets of Brighton we have rarely performed our unique covers except by popular demand at private events. We’re giving common populous an opportunity to party on down with us, and would encourage you to recreate your own bridal party, by clothing yourselves in your old wedding dresses and tail suits. We would love to have dozens of brides attend: zombie/ dead/ crossdressing and suitable grooms to attend them.

Tickets available from The Marlborough, cash only with no booking fee.

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