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Estabrak Al-Ansari presents

Tales of The Mother Tongue

  • Friday 4 May 7.30pm
  • Sunday 6 May 5.30pm

The Marlborough Theatre

40 mins

£9.5/£7.5 concessions

The soul of a place exists in the stories we tell of it. Those who tell the tales are keepers of a place’s past, present and future. When Europeans colonised Morocco and banned all the Amazigh (Berber) languages, many unwritten stories were thought to be lost forever, especially those of their warrior women. But one thing that could not be accounted for was the peoples use of oral histories. The tales’ essences belonged to their mother tongue and in this way, the Amazigh people remained the keepers of their land’s soul.

With research stemming from the Moroccan communities, tales are brought to life in this powerful poetic merging of film, performance and painting, a process called ‘Live projection Painting’ (LPP).

Join us for the UK premiere of this emotive piece  presented to you by one of LPP’s pioneering founders Estabrak Al-Ansari.

This project has been kindly supported by The Marlborough Theatre, Arab Funds for Arts and Culture, Mawa3eed and The Marrakesh Biennial 2016 – Parallel Projects.

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If you have a Companion/PA then they can accompany you for free, please send an email to to arrange a ticket, and let us know if you have any further access requirements. Ear plugs are available upon request.

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