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Super Sweet 2016 NEW YEARS EVE PARTY

  • Thursday 31 December 9:00pm

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre

8 hours 20 mins

This NYE at the Marlborough we’re all turning super sweet ’16 again for an evening of first kisses, your favourite bands and not giving a fuck! Come hang out at Brighton’s only place for queers and their pals to mark another amazing year at the Marly.

DJ’s playing classic tracks you loved as teenagers from the 70s to 90s.
Kate Shields – Trash, pop, indie, drag silliness
Munnaj A Trois – ecletic, R&B, house, 90s

Secret Slumber Party Room featuring youtube sensation Harry Clayton-Wright as ‘Rebecca’. Come into the teenager from hells bedroom as Rebecca recreates the jaw dropping performance piece from Glastonbury Festival 2015.

A special screening of the documentary of Harry/Rebecca’s mind blowing performance at Glastonbury will be shown at 10.30pm. Watch the trailer here:

Dress Up Suggestions: Queer prom, youth club galmour, posh pyjamas, Hers & Hers tuexdos and the sixteen year old you.

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