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AVOEC presents

Radical Sloth: Performance as self-care

  • Saturday 14 January 15.00

The Marlborough Theatre

3 hours 00 mins

£8/£5 concessions

Performance as self-care

Movement cleaning
Taking care of each other and ourselves

Performance training meets self-care.

Borrowing from somatic practices and improvisation techniques, we will devote this time to paying attention to our own bodies, to the space and to each other. Investing in a non-judgmental approach, we can access movement and performance from a sense of presence in the here and now.

The practices that we propose in this workshop are part of our regular training and creative process. They range from writing and voice work, to movement and spatial experimentation. We believe that connecting to the present moment and unveiling its possibilities is an incredibly powerful artistic and political tool. Letting go of expectations and observing what is already there causes a shift that can be empowering in personal and artistic processes.

We would like to share these practices with you, and to build this ephemeral community together.

The workshop is 3 hours long. Fee: Sliding scale (£5-8.) No one turned away for lack of funds.

**Special offer: Performance + Workshop = £12 **

Limited spaces available // register at .


AVOEC creates work that disrupts binaries, embraces uncertainty, and revels in quiet spectacles. Working between the realms of performance, theatre and live art, their work is concerned with the experimental edges of traditional art making. AVOEC is currently based in Budapest.

Lori Baldwin is a queer feminist artist creating havoc and play by facilitating inclusive party spaces and performance events. In her free time, she’s writing songs about the patriarchy, vampires in love, and cats in space.

Luiza Moraes is a radical contemporary dancer who chose as a mission to spread the power of somatic practices. She spends most of her free time practicing constructive rest on her hammock with her cat.

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