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Queer Weekender Flash Sale

  • Tuesday 10 May 18:00

30 hours 00 mins

We’re offering you £5 tickets for all three shows in our Queer Weekender. This bargain sale ends at 11:59pm tomorrow (Wednesday 11th).


The Queer Weekender

A dirty weekend of innovative contemporary performance investigating gender and sexuality featuring Pink Fringe offerings by Eilidh Macaskill, Laurie Brown and Ira Brand. Be it crotchless cowboys, Bruce Springsteen or your latest grindr hook up there is without a doubt something for all tastes.


Break Yourself

A show about the relationship between power and sexual desire, what it means to want to be someone else, and Bruce Springsteen.

Performed in male drag, Break Yourself is a risky, dishonest, headfirst and wholehearted attempt to try and be something we have never been before.

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Tell, me about it, Stud.

Well, Dr. Freud tells me I’m missing something and I think he’s right.

A stripped back show about penis envy, masculinity, horses and DIY, for anyone who likes their psychoanalysis heteronormative and their cowboys in the buff.

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STUD – Eilidh MacAskill from Eilidh MacAskill on Vimeo.


The Daily Grind

How are you?
Looking for?

A darkly comic solo show aiming to cruise, confide and query the complexities of love, sex and the internet age. The Daily Grind explores technology, now prevalent every day in our lives through mobile phones.

It looks at the consequences and impact on health and wellbeing that the deluge of dating apps, image sharing and instant communication  now an accepted and expected part of how we connect with others  has on our lives.


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