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Queer Hearted presents

Queer Conscious Breath & Energy Orgasm Workshop

  • Sunday 9 April 2pm - 6pm

Marlborough Theatre

4 hours 00 mins

£12/£10 concessions

Queer Conscious Breath & Energy Orgasm to expand your pleasure & queer heart.

This 4-hour workshop allows you to experience a solo whole body orgasm through using breath and intention. Sometimes called a ‘breath and energy orgasm’ this practice is gender and genital-free and allows you to experience oodles of sexual pleasure, whilst keeping your pants on and without touching your genitals.

This workshop will involve using breath, sound, movement and intention to create a process where participants can have a breath and energy orgasm allowing them to journey into their sexuality.

This practice is a queer hearted tantric technique which brings potential for connecting with our precious LGBTQ+ sexualities as sites of ecstatic joy, healing and liberation.

It’s a queer process that allows LGBT+ people to connect with their sacred sexual energy regardless of their relationship to their genitals (eg: its highly accessible for trans people to find new ways to orgasm without having to engage with the possible complexity of their relationship to their genitals, its also useful for connecting with our sexual selves without the necessity of sexual identity and relating which can be loaded with shame and worry).

Things to Bring:

  • A cushion (to support your bum when sitting)
  • Yoga matt or blanket you can lie on
  • A light blanket or wrap of some description (your temperature is likely to change through out the workshop)
  • A note book and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Wear loose comfy clothing

Tickets are available from The Marlborough pub in cash with no booking fee. 

If you have a Carer/PA then they can accompany you for free, please send an email to to arrange a ticket, and let us know if you have any further access requirements. Ear plugs are available upon request.

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