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Rachael Clerke & Maeve Devine presents

Punk Band Project

  • Saturday 15 July 10am
  • Saturday 15 July 7:30pm - Gig feat Twink 182

Marlborough Theatre

7 hours 00 mins

For trans, non-binary and gender-fluid 13 -17 yr olds from 10am – 5pm

It took performance maker Rachael Clerke 25 years of really wanting to be in a punk band before it occurred to her in an inspired moment of staggering simplicity that she could just start one. So she did. She decided not to worry about being good, or looking good, or being talented, or having experience. She consequently realised that life’s a lot more fun if you stop worrying about these things so much.

Maeve Devine was 4 when she saw her first punks. They looked like they were from space. Right then and there she knew that she was one of them. Maeve has been playing in Punk and Rock and Roll bands since she was a teenager and is absolutely convinced that music has saved her life.

Taking the form of a day long punk-band-forming, song-writing, screaming-into-a-microphone workshop Punk Band Project at The Marlborough Theatre is an opportunity for trans, non-binary and gender-fluid teenagers to start their own bands. Facilitated by Maeve & Rachael and concluding with a mini gig at the Marly, it’s a space to do something real, very fast. To embrace noise, chaos, angst and joy.

There will be time for stumbling, falling over and shyness, but there will be more time for dressing up, shouting and hitting things.

Followed by a gig featuring the new bands made during the day and headlined by Twink 182, the only all-trans pop punk covers band, in Brighton, possibly the world!

This event is FREE but ticketed.

If you have a Companion/PA then they can accompany you for free, please send an email to to arrange a ticket, and let us know if you have any further access requirements. Ear plugs are available upon request.

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