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The Marlborough Theatre presents


  • Friday 13 May 11:00

The Marlborough Pub

2 hours 00 mins

Hosted by Sally Rose, Xavier de Sousa with support from Marlborough Theatre, this meeting follows on from similar gatherings over the past 18 months.

The aim is to connect independent producers, artists and those interested in producing. This is an open gathering and you can expect informal discussions about working independently, supporting the work of artists across art-forms, ways that we can look to further connections and networks.

We will have Bloody Mary’s on site for all attendants. 

Producer Gatherings were initiated during Sally & Xav’s residency at the Live Art Development Agency, and are part of a research project that proposes to connect independent producers, venue-based producers, company producers or those interested in producing, including self-producing artists.

Join the conversation: @xavinisms @sallychar @marlboroughbtn @pinkfringeuk

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