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Yishay Garbasz and Annie Goh presents

Nothing about us, without us

  • Monday 11 July 12:00
  • Friday 12 August 12:00

The Marlborough

4 hours 00 mins

From the 10th of July until the 12th of August a new installation is being constructed at The Marlborough to celebrate Trans Pride. ‘Nothing about us, without us’ is an immersive piece of mixed media, utilising sound bites and visual elements to inform and inspire visitors about trans experience, which can be enhanced by using headsets from our venue. The installation will be open from 12pm until 4pm daily.


Monsters grow in the shadows. ‘Otherness’ grows with lack of exposure. For the survival of all, light is needed for the remote corners, furthest from the centre. Trans is viewed in the body of the ’Other’, but what happens if we replace the visible body with the audible body? For this installation, sound is used to occupy public space and make room for marginalized voices. Even within LGTBQI communities, trans-voices are on the periphery, particularly trans-women of colour. Interviews conducted by Yishay Garbasz especially for this project form a collage which pours out into the public space. This work attempts to give space to the individual stories told, to let go of control and give agency to voice and expression of those speaking. Together, these can create something even larger than the sum of these parts.

The installation has two parts. The collage will play from speakers outside the Marlborough pub, Brighton every day from 12pm-4pm, bringing our voices into public space. Visitors can also rent out headsets to listen to the full individual interviews, to engage more fully with what the voices are saying. It runs from Monday 11th July to 12th August 2016 as part of Brighton Trans Pride.

Nothing about us, without us

By Yishay Garbasz and Annie Goh

Commissioned by Pink Fringe, Trans Pride Brighton and Arts Council England.


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