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Naked Boys Reading presents

Naked Boys Reading: Love Letters

  • Saturday 13 February 8:00pm

The Marlborough Theatre

2 hours 00 mins


“Why do I turn once again to writing?
Beloved, you must not ask such a question,
For the truth is, I have nothing to tell you,
All the same, your dear hands will hold this note.”

Barthes says, following Freud, “Like desire, the love letter waits for an answer, it implicitly enjoins the other to reply, for without a reply the other’s image changes, becomes other.” Naked Boys Reading brings you a pre-Valentine’s show dedicated to those amorous pages yearning for response.

Goethe says that love letters say nothing, but of course do so very much. Our boys will strip down and do the best they can to sketch a portrait of love, one-sided, fraught, desirous. From the cocaine laced love letters of Freud to his fiancĂ© to the string of buzzes from incoming sexts, we’ll share our love with you.

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