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Sophie Cook presents

Grab life by the balls

  • Thursday 4 February 7:30pm

The Marlborough Theatre

3 hours 00 mins


What’s holding you back in life?

For most people the main reason is fear, even if they don’t recognise it.
Sophie Cook, knows about fear, in this frank talk she examines the nature of fear and ways of looking at it differently.

Using her story of her struggles before coming out as transgender in Premier League football in 2015.

“Brilliant isn’t a word I use very often. Truly memorable, enthralling and your journey is incredible. I have listened to many motivational speakers but your engaging and passionate style was captivating, entertaining and unique.”

“Fantastic talk! Thought provoking, honest and heartfelt. If you want an inspirational speaker then see Sophie, a truly gutsy, honest and bare bones talk that left a lot of people in awe and with a new found respect.”

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