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Evan Ifekoya + None of Us Is Yet A Robot presents

Double Bill: ARtFUnSHACK! & Rituals for Change

  • Thursday 23 July 7:30pm

The Marlborough Theatre

£8.5/£6.5 concessions


A double bill of new works in development presented by Pink Fringe in association with Trans*Pride Brighton, ahead of the 3rd annual celebration.

ARtFUnSHACK! – Evan Ifekoya

ARtFUnSHACK! is a fast moving art show hosted by Evan. Expect eye-catching visuals and tips for making fun stuff out of rubbish. Evan can’t always maintain the role and sometimes slips up. By weaving together video, word play and audience interaction, tales of a queer reality become the glue that binds the papier mache hammer together. Seed commissioned by Pink Fringe, Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mil, Bradford.

Evan Ifekoya is an interdisciplinary artist, exploring the politicisation of culture, society and aesthetics. Appropriated material from historical archives and contemporary society make up the work. By ‘queerying’ popular imagery and utilising the props of everyday life, the aim is to destroy the aura of preciousness surrounding art. Central to this practice is an exploration into the ways that collaboration might take place.

Rituals for Change – None of Us Is Yet a Robot

Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days.

All the cells in your body regenerates every 7 years.

The judges on X Factor are different every season.

It could be a test result, a phone call, a bus turning left that you just didn’t see. A poorly timed joke or a chance encounter on a train station… what will change you today? 


Rituals for Change is a new performance from None of Us is Yet a Robot – a company exploring gender identity & the politics of transition through a series of live & online events. Using projection, conversation and visual art it is a series of rituals created to explore a gender transition and the fluid notion of change. The company is led by Emma Frankland in collaboration with producer Abby Butcher. This production is in collaboration with Eilidh MacAskill and Myriddin Wannell.

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