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Lois Weaver presents

Care Cafe

  • Wednesday 19 April 2pm

The Marlborough

2 hours 00 mins

Since the results of Brexit and the US election, a lot of us are trying to figure out how to breathe through this present moment and look for ways to keep connected to each other while we figure out what to do about our future.

Care Cafe was conceived by Lois Weaver as a place for us to be in company with others, to express care for each other, to find ways to care about others on the other side of this great divide, to talk about the issues and to find ways to act. Lois is an artist whose work over the last few years has been about finding creative ways of using the familiar to get people to talk with and about the unfamiliar. In response to this painful moment, she is proposing the Care Café as new call to conversation.

No tickets required, just come along and join in the conversation.

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