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Brighton Pride Street Party – SATURDAY

  • Saturday 1 August 6:00pm

The Marlborough

10 hours 00 mins

/£5 concessions

The Marlborough’s legendary street party reaches new heights this year, as we stage a party overflowing with entertainment, DJs, food, booze and love, with the iconic Brighton Pavilion as a backdrop. The perfect place to spend your PRIDE weekend.

A Pride Street Party Wristband required for entry – £5 early bird wristbands on sale from The Marlborough soon

At 6pm artist and professional Peter Kay lookalike Scottee, takes the helm as his gang of weirdos and shows offs take over our street party. They’re getting on a train with a suitcase full of sequins to present their infamous, limp wristed, sell-out variety knees up – Camp! Expect drag queens on saxophones, fat opera singers, naff magic and rave tap! It’s an al fresco party for queers, lesbians, retrobates and their mates. Also suitable for mums and local celebrities. There will be a conga.

Throughout the evening Unskinny Bop will be providing a dance party for weirdos, queers, fatsos & friends. Featuring dancefloor magic, smiling at strangers, communal joy, dirty rock&roll, sheeny shiny pop, & punk rock wildness.

25% :: good pop and r’n’b
25% :: riot grrrl, punk, indie
25% :: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s
25% :: camp

All measurements are approximate.
Girls to the front!

From 11pm, the ‘queer utopia’ (VICE) Sink The Pink finish off our street party with a glitter explosion, leading the fabulosity indoors to our bar and theatre for a very special ball. Sink The Pink’s fun-loving ethos is leading the way to a new era of clubbing. Paced with colourful club kids, gender deviants, large scale dance routines and lip-syncs, Sink The Pink ‘deconstruct preconceived notions of modern day club ettiquette, and what it means to be queer and in the process, bring ball culture back into the heart of clubbing consciousness. It’s a camptastic rave up, a joyous mass of face paints, glitter and wigs!’ (Guardian Guide)

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