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The Marlborough Pub & Theatre presents

Brighton PRIDE Champagne Breakfast

  • Saturday 1 August 11:00 AM
  • Tuesday 30 November

The Marlborough Pub

3 hours 00 mins


With loads of additional outdoor seating the Marly is the perfect place to kick back and watch the Brighton Pride parade drift past.

There are a range of food options to choose from and why not add a glass of bubbles and start the party nice and early 😉

Roast ham, eggs, Hollandaise, English muffin

Smoke Salmon, eggs Hollandaise, English muffin
Spinach & Portobello Mushroom, eggs, Hollandaise, English muffin
Buttermilk pancakes, Halloumi, blueberries and fig with maple syrup
Pancake, fresh fruit salad, syrup & thick yoghurt

Reserve your place now.

(nb a range of drinks are available for an additional cost)

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