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Sonya Welch-Moring presents

Ancestral Constellations

  • Sunday 29 April 11am

The Spire

4 hours 00 mins

£5/£2 concessions

Ancestral Constellations 

Reconnecting the generations of  your family; past, present and future.

A healing workshop for the QTIPOC community, facilitated by Sonya Welch Moring

Constellations are a dynamic visual mapping process that can help you to look wider and deeper into an issue. It can help you to look back into your ancestral history to explore relationships that may have been unresolved. It can help you explore dynamics in your current community that are unclear and it can help you to explore family patterns that you may be unaware of and are affecting your sense of belonging or cultural identity.

The Constellations Method has been developed from a wise blending of Western psychology and indigenous wisdom. It was this initial combination of Systemic theory and African family philosophy that first attracted workshop leader, Sonya Welch-Moring, to the constellations process. Sonya has come to realise that some of its core principles, acknowledgement of ancestors in the family, a focus on relationships, the role of community in family life and ritual healing steps to ease transgenerational trauma, can be applied across many diverse cultures.

The constellations method can be used in different formats, in groups or one-to-one. You can also bring a range of issues to explore including relationship dynamics, work or social justice issues. We will work together in the large group with 2-3 people having the opportunity to map a personal constellation. You will also explore your issues in pairs and small groups so that everyone has an opportunity to work with some part of the process.

During the workshop we will, amongst other topics:

Explore issues of identity, belonging, and finding a place in the family
Reflect on wider relationship dynamics in our communities
Identify issues in the social system that create disharmony in our lives
Look at the indigenous wisdom within the constellations process
Seek steps to restore the flow of love in our families and communities.

This event is designed specifically to cater for the needs of queer, trans or intersex people of colour (QTIPOC). Availability is limited and intimate, so the organisers have asked that white people who want to practice allyship do not take tickets for this event which is being created by and with the QTIPOC community of Brighton. Any questions on the event please contact




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