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JoeMarni inc. presents


  • Friday 10 July 8:00pm

The Marlborough Theatre

1 hours 30 mins


Our show is like if you took Derren Brown & Houdini and genetically mutated them together to write a show… Our show would beat their show in an arm wrestling competition.

Our show has a truly astonishing, death defying escape, consisting of straight jackets, 19th century u.s mail bags and yes, maybe even some fire! My magic partner, Zach, will be risking hand and.. other hand in a trick only known as. Nail Roulette.

We will demonstrate the powers and ease of influencing an entire audience without raising suspicion.

Whats better than seeing two guys in top hats and tails performing a show like no other on a Friday night? Come and watch, you’ll find out!

Advance tickets are available from the Marlborough, cash only, with no booking.

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